, CATH-TECH V Block Roller

CT VBR Cutter

The CT VB cutter ensures a more precise circumferential cut, around each tubing segment. This cut types enables for a more even and cleaner cut all around the tube segment.


The CT Reflow Chamber has process repeatability, high yield, and uniformity to further reinforce the use of tubing centering guides to ensure accurate catheter centering within the heat zone. Traverse speed and length settings are entered via touch-screen HMI and a motion controller ensures precision and repeatability. This system is capable of multiple lengths and speed transitions within a single cycle and within the heat zone, and independent temperature control of each thermal nozzle. The Cath-Tech Reflow prevents the longitudinal elongation and uneven recovery problems associated with oven use.


  • Available in stainless steel or aluminum
  • VBR Cutter size dependent on product size